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What is A-Talks?

AIChE Talks

Webinars series with various topics in any episode, talk about the future with experts and professionals. Our topic inculding energy, environment, food, cosmetic & pharmaceutical, and material engineering & science.

Series 1

A-Talks is a free virtual seminar conducted by the Education Department of AIChE UI SC as one of their programnto increase awareness towards the preparation needed for future working situation with the theme ‘Discovering The Gap’. A-Talks consist of three sequences which will take place in October 3rd and 4th 2020.

1st Episode
The First Episode of A-Talks will talk about the evolution of Chemical Industries in Developing Countries especially Indonesia and Philippines.
2nd Episode
The Second Episode of A-Talks will centered around Chemical Engineer’s Career in Several Department within Different Companies.
3rd Episode
The Third Episode is a Focused Group Discussion (FGD) prepared only for registered participants with the theme ‘Ways to Close The Gap between Current and Potential Chemical Industries’.

Meet Our Speaker

Series 1

3 – 4 October 2020

Ari Dzikhri Robbi

Senior plant manager & Technical consultant at JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation
Speaker for 3rd of October

Ferry Ferdian

General Secretary Process engineer at PT Rohm and Haas Indonesia

Speaker for 4th of October

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