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Our Community

AIChE UI SC acts as a catalyst for Chemical Engineering Department in Universitas Indonesia through professional development and community support to the undergraduate students. Any undergraduate student major at the University of Indonesia can join us as member.

Academics and Professional Development

We are serving professional development and personal growth for AIChE UI SC members to strengthen their professional skill expertise in meeting societal needs through various webinars, training, interactive content (social media & website), and team projects.

Connection and Collaboration

Have a connection and collaboration with other AIChE SC from Indonesia and around the world. Get experience and exposure about the company related to process engineering, especially regarding the professional world, through conferences and company visit.

Community Outreach

Community outreach involves the offering of education, social planning, and support of activities to community residents. We aim to raise awareness of the vital role that engineering has in our society.

Internal Empowerment

AIChE UI SC would like to give more benefits to the staffs and members such as being able to participate in exclusive members-only program (LEAP Entrepreneurship, PEAK Leadership, Plant Design Course, and etc).


Perks of Being Member

AIChE UI SC’s members enjoy benefits that include technical information, conferences & training, professional connections, career resources and discounted insurance products/personal services.

Membership Matters

Maximizing your Membership


Learning to lead

Start to establish your name with a global network of student and professionals.


Technical resources

Stay current with the latest technologies in mature and cutting-edge industries.


Build your chemical engineering network

Connect with industry expert, young professional, AIChE leaders and other student engineers.

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